2012-03-11, 04:36

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AWOO 2012 is a Swedish event for humanists and skeptics that will take place in Eskilstuna on Saturday 24th March. The event is to be held on Faktoriholmarna in the fantastic facilities of local brewer Eskilstuna Ölkultur.

Two prominent speakers kick-start the event at one o’clock. First, the chairman of the Swedish anti-pseudoscience society Vetenskap och Folkbildning, archaeologist Martin Rundkvist, talks about pseudo-archaeology and Nordic fantasies about Antiquity. The chairman of the Swedish Humanists, Christer Sturmark, is next on the subject of what the Humanists really want.


Martin Rundkvist and Christer Sturmark

During the afternoon break, publishing house Fri Tanke Förlag will sell humanist and skeptic literature from its extensive catalogue. In addition, Urban Fagerholm will sell his new bok Förutfattad medicin. There will also be room and time for mingling and locally brewed refreshments.


Anders Hesselbom, Per Edman, ”Charmkvark”, and Peter Illi

After the break, Anders Hesselbom, ”Charmkvark”, Per Edman, and Peter Illi joins on stage for a panel discussion on the skeptic movement, each giving his or hers perspective on skepticism in Sweden. Anders Hesselbom is an active atheist debater and was one of the fountainheads of celebrated Swedish podcast Skeptikerpodden. ”Charmkvark” blogs for Skepchick.se, runs the Kvack! podcast and is a regular columnist in SANS Magasin. Per Edman is a board member of Vetenskap och Folkbildning and one of the members of Swedish environment blog Uppsalainitiativet. Peter Illi is a skeptic debater and has written several articles for SANS Magasin.

Skeptics in the Pub
The afternoon ends with dinner followed by a traditional Skeptics in the Pub session until Eskilstuna Ölkultur closes for the night at 22:30. But the party continues at Plaza Hotel where many of the participants are staying for the night.

The great programme aside, AWOO 2012 is first and foremost an amazing opportunity for Swedish humanists and skeptics to meet and socialize in real life – people who normally interact through online networking and know each other by nickname and avatar only. Thanks to our generous sponsors (see below) participants will also be able to get samples of the best intellectual material humanism and skepticism has to offer.

Follow AWOO 2012 online
The entire event can be followed on awoo.se, where Twitter (#awoo2012) and Flickr feeds from several participants are posted all through the event.

AWOO 2012 is arranged by Andreas Anundi and Peter Illi. Questions about the AWOO 2012 event can be addressed to anundi@awoo.se or illi@awoo.se.

Some very appreciated contributions have been made by publishing house Leopard Förlag, Vetenskap och Folkbildning, publishing house Fri Tanke Förlag, The Swedish Humanists, Skeptical Inquirer, and, of course, Eskilstuna Ölkultur.